Baltic Sea City Accelerator önskar knyta till sig kommuner – kort deadline!

Programmet Baltic Sea City Accelerator är kostnadsfritt och öppet att ansöka för kommuner inom Östersjöområdet, ansökningar sker löpande och man ber därför att intresserade kommuner tar kontakt direkt för att höra om möjligheterna att ansluta till programmet. Deadline för ansökningar är redan 20 februari 2019.

Projektledaren Emma Gabrielsson berättar följande (även om texten nedan är på engelska så kan frågor till Emma ställas på svenska)

”I’m writing to inform you that we have now opened registration for our 2019 Baltic Sea City Accelerator program.

The Baltic Sea City Accelerator, a program which will support and help municipalities around the Baltic Sea with their goals when it comes to water. The program is based on a pilot we ran from 2015-2017 but the program today is a more compact and concrete version of the previous programme.

We know that the municipalities are important and play a crucial role in solving the challenges in your local waters and which the Baltic Sea faces. The municipalities have local knowledge, are flexible and can have a significant impact on sustainable management of local water.

The program participants (municipalities) may decide which water project they want to focus on and develop. The program is tailor-made for current needs and equips municipalities with relevant exercises and homework to implement and develop their water project.  The program is based on the fact that we support municipalities where they are in their work today and should run in parallel with the work you are doing today.

I ask you to check out the website here.

And I have also City Accelerator Introduction of the program that you can read a little closer. The program is free for municipalities to participate in, however, we have a limited number of places since we want to make sure that everyone gets the support and help they need in our process. The application is open and we handle the applications on an ongoing basis.

I hope it sounds interesting and you want to join the program.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns:

It would be great to have at least one municipality from each country surrounding the Baltic Sea.”



Marja Boström

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