Vill man ansöka om EU-finansiering krävs det oftast att man går samman med andra internationella partners för att genomföra gemensamma satsningar. Tanken är att projekt genom internationella partnerskap ska få större geografisk spridning och bidra till ett ökat europeiskt samarbete. Det finns många positiva effekter med att ingå i transnationella projekt i form av erfarenhet – och kunskapsutbyte, nya arbetssätt och kontaktnät.

Man bör känna till att det varierar hur många samarbetspartners som krävs inom de olika EU-programmen såväl som för de utlysningar som programmen öppnar för ansökan. Har man intresse av att driva ett projekt kan man få en enkel överblick i vår programguide för EU-program 2014–2020 över vilket utbud av program som finns och om det krävs partners för att ingå i ett projekt.

Tycker man att ett partnersök verkar vara intressant och funderar på att ansluta sig till projektet eller vill man själv hitta nya samarbetspartners till ett eget projekt, så erbjuder Kommunförbundet Skåne hjälp i att hitta rätt kontakter. Det ligger i vårt uppdrag att sammanlänka kontakter och vara behjälpliga i att sprida information om en projektidé eller partnersök vidare för att underlätta för kommuner att hitta nya internationella projektpartners.



Nedan listar vi aktörer som söker partners till sina projekt. Kontakta oss gärna eller den berörda aktören vid eventuella frågor.

Driver ni ett projekt och vill komma med i listan? I spalten i höger hittar ni all nödvändig information för detta.

Högstadiet IES EL RINCON Las Palmas Gran Canaria letar efter partners inom ramen för KA101 Erasmus +

The High school IES EL RINCON located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, The Canary Islands, Spain, is looking for partners for a project in the framework of the KA101 Erasmus+.

The high school teaches compulsory and upper secondary education to students aged between 12 and 18, as well as intermediate and advanced vocational training courses. The teachers are looking forward to going abroad to exchange their experiences and learn from other educational systems around Europe in job shadowing mobilities. The main lines of their project are the improvement of the students´ learning process motivation and the students´involvement in European initiatives. They are also interested in participating with their students in  Etwinning or KA2 projects, as well as they are willing to host staff of their partners in the frame of the Erasmus + Programme .

Tveka inte att höra av er ifall ni är intresserade av detta partnersök.

Central Denmark söker projektpartners till ÖKS-programmet 2019

Har ni planer på att söka pengar inom Grön ekonomi eller transport i ÖKS-programmet 2019? Central Denmark söker då partners inom dessa områden.

  • Green economy – projects under this priority should contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the public sector. Projects in Central Denmark are interested in activities related to recycling and production of sustainable packaging and plastics e.g. through collaboration with waste companies, public procurement projects, inter-municipal waste-collection models, producer responsibility related to the collection and take-back of end-of-life plastics/packaging.
  • Transport – projects under this priority must contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and improving the access to the regions TEN-T corridors. Projects in Central Denmark are interested in activities related to e.g. local mobility and rural transport services, car-sharing to ensure rural citizen’s flexible mobility, stronger connection to the TEN-T network and on the longterm ensure the retention of people in the rural districts. In addition, there is interest in green mobility projects in the food sector e.g. use of data between transport actors.

Tveka inte att höra av er ifall ni är intresserade av detta partnersök.

Eindhoven söker partners inom Designing healthy and inclusive cities

The city of Eindhoven has agreed a long term strategic approach for the redevelopment of its city centre. This strategy aims to create a city centre that is:

  • Accessible for all
  • Offers a high quality of public space, both in terms of health and in terms of economically viable and vibrant
  • Is inclusive and offers the public space for all groups in society
  • Is sustainable and environmentally sound, limiting pollution of soil, air and noise
  • Is innovative

These ambitions fit perfectly with the objectives of the current call on health and wellbeing in cities. Therefore, Eindhoven is looking for:

  • Already active consortia on this call which may be looking for additional living labs and which would consider Eindhoven and local partners as an interesting addition to their consortium.

Interested partners of the types described in this partner search, that are interested in joining us and develop a consortium for this call.

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Expression of Interest – Skive Municipality, Central Denmark

Skive Municipality would like to participate in an EU funded project dealing with Smart Mobility Services, i.e. How to reduce CO2 emissions from the transport sector, reduce congestions, while – at the same time – keeping a high service level and flexibility for the individual commuter.

Background: Skive Municipality is located in the Central Denmark Region, the area is approximately 700 km2 and the number of inhabitants around 50.000 (density: 68,1 inh./km2).

Skive Municipality has been working seriously with clean energy and been a frontrunner within sustainability and sustainable energy for decades. In 2008, it was nominated as one of the first Energy Cities in Denmark, in 2012, the municipality signed the CoM, and on several occasions, the City Council decided that Skive should be CO2 neutral (as of 2029).

The Municipality has wide experience in European funded projects in clean energy – both as a partner and a lead partner. However, the transport sector remains a major challenge to deal with.

Project idea: Skive Municipality would like to focus on mobility management, primarily by focusing on citizens’ commuting to the work place (without restraining the issue to this). An EU funded project would give the Municipality the chance to do research into different sustainable mobility services; biking, carpooling, shared cars, integration of private and public transport, MAAS solutions, testing of autonomous vehicles etc. utilizing ICT and ITS in an easy accessible digital solution (taking the form of an app or/and a homepage). The digital system needs to combine already existing platforms with a dimension of private data. Private data could include criminal record, drivers licence, registration and ownership of vehicle. These data will provide a safety aspect for the persons involved in a trip. The solution must also track vehicles and commuters and their expected routes through interactive maps, so it is easy to identify alternatives for the user.

Furthermore, it is necessary to rethink business models within these new mobility services.

Programme and call: Skive Municipality is interested in two Research and Innovation calls within the Horizon2020 2018 – 2020 programme:

  • LC-MG-1-2-2018 Sustainable multi-modal inter-urban transport, regional mobility and spatial planning
  • LC-MG-1-3-2018 Harnessing and understanding the impacts of changes in urban mobility on policy making by city-led innovation for sustainable urban mobility
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