What we do

The Scania´s Association of Local Authorities is the lead organisation for the 33 local authorities in Scania (Skåne). We make efforts for the benefit of our members and deals with issues within most of the local authorities´ operation areas. The role the Association has for its members can be summarized in the following point points:

•   Encourage cooperation between the members.
•   Initiating development projects.
•   Create forums to share experience and exchange of knowledge
     and skills.
•   Monitor the local authorities´ interests in community development.
•   Establish good contacts with other authorities and organizations,
    regional, nationally and in the international area.

The association works within the following main areas

  •   Energy and climate
  •   Environment and community planning
  •   Labour market and Business/Trade & Industry  
  •   Overall local government activities and local authority management
  •   Preschool and education
  •   Public health, leisure and culture  
  •   Research, innovation and development
  •   Social services, health & welfare

The association also manages a very extensive conference and course business that attracts close on 15,000 delegates every year. On average there is more than one course or conference every working day. All courses and conferences have local authority activities as their focus.

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