The Scania´s Association of Local Authorities is a nonprofit organisation with the task of supporting and developing the local self-governance, protect local interests, promoting collaboration between municipalities and assist them in their activities. All 33 municipalities in Scania (Skåne) are members of the Association. The members appoint their representative to the so-called Regional authority.

Political organisation

The Regional Authority consist of around 180 elected members representing the 33 local authorities (numbers vary according to the number of citizens in a municipality). The Board of the Scania´s Association of Local Authorities is appointed by the Regional Authority for a term of four years. The Board comprises 13 members and 13 deputy members. The Board meets six times per year to agree on the overall objectives, budget and large projects.

The political responsibilities include participating in a working committee and seven other committees that are responsible to the Board. The working committee prepares items for the Board, it is also the committee for international and EU related matters. The Committees are responsible for seven areas; pre-school and education, the environment and community planning, health & welfare, labour market and commerce, public health, leisure and culture, municipal finance and public transport.
The Board of The Scania´s Association of Local Authorities is also the formal board of Skane Energy Agency. The board has delegated its responsibility to a separate control unit.

Association secretariat

The Scania´s Association of Local Authorities has two offices, one in Lund and the other in Malmö (Skane Energy Agency) in support of the political organization. Together they employ about 60 people. Much of the association’s activities are conducted in project form. Approximately half the employees work on special projects, both short and long-term. The Association often acts as project coordinator and helps to oil the wheels that will help the elected representatives and municipal employees carry out their work to the satisfaction of all. The Association is involved in a wide variety of local authority development projects, both large and small — approximately 100 projects are underway at any one time.

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