Skåne Association of Local Authorities

Skåne Association of Local Authorities (in swedish; Kommunförbundet Skåne) is the lead organisation for the 33 local authorities in Skåne. Our activities can be summarized under four main headings:

• Safeguarding and supporting the development of local
authority self-governance
• Monitoring the local authorities´ interests within all areas
of activity
• Promoting interaction between local authorities
• Assisting local authorities in the development of their

We fullfil this task through coordination and interaction, building networks and providing inspiration so that our members can benefit from common strengths and by learning from each other and other people. Skåne Association of Local Authorities´ most important target group comprises all those who are engaged in local authority activities either as elected members or employees.

Other important target groups are all the bodies that the local authorities work with ranging from public organizations to companies and the media.

Skåne Association of Local Authorities´ activities are financed through three main sources:
• Membership fees from participating local authorities
• Fees for courses and conferences
• External funding of projects

Our core values
Skåne Association of Local Authorities´ core values describe the essence of our activities. The core values are collaboration and interaction, building networks and inspiration.

• Collaboration and interaction between members increase their potentialfor successfully dealing with issues through high quality and effectiveness. Many are stronger than one. An example where this can be applied is to strengthen members´ procurement activities that amount to billions of Swedish crowns annually.

• The building of networks takes place internally and externally and increases the members´ exploitation of the entire group´s contacts with the external environment.

• Inspiration means giving members access to each other´s knowledge, methods and experience as quickly as possible.

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